Introducing: IG|Kingcar

Today’s ‘Introducing’ features german player and Insert Game founder KingCar

Please, tell us your first name, age, home country and things people should know about you.

My Name is Carmelo, 34 years old and live in Germany.

What’s your Nickname and how did you come up with it?

Actually I didn’t come up with it in the first place.^^
Back in the 80/90’s there were just 3 letters you could use for a Highscore so I just wrote “car” when I got one. One day, I was playing WWF no mercy with some friends, and  Named my Customized Character “Car”. As I came back the day after to my friend’s house, a crown was placed on my character’s Head, for the guys it was just a joke, but I actually kind a liked it. Because I’m a fan of Jerry “ The King” Lawler. So I just left it there and renamed the character “Kingcar” . That’s the story behind my Nickname.

What team are you playing for (if any)? Tell us a little about it.

I never was a big fan of Teams, Clan Tags and stuff like that for some reason. I think I didn’t like the Idea of having shortcuts for Team Names or Brands before my Nickname, it kind a looks akward to me. I totally makes sense to me that some players have to do this, since they are being sponsored by Companys. However I couldn’t imagine to do so for myself.
Now running the location for Fighting Games “Insert Game”  myself it feels like second nature to write the “IG|” tag before my nickname.

Which game(s) do you play? What do you like most about your favorite game? Any other games besides Fighting Games?

Currently I play a lot of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 but it’s hard to keep up my level to compete with the players in the Insert Game Location. I recently started to play some Tekken7. A lot of Guys are putting in the effort to learn the Game, so I’m joining them. I always loved the Virtua Fighter Series but sadly it never got so popular with the Players in Germany like Tekken Series. Beside of Fighting Games I like Games which are a little more “challenging” like “Souls” Games or Nioh just to name some. I love the Yakuza Games made by Sega or get my self lost in the World of the Elder Scrolls Games. What I like about Fighting Games is that you always have to be a step ahead of your enemy. In terms of movement, positioning and forcing your pace or an action on the opponent always is a thrill. There is no other genre that does this like a fighting game in my opinion.

What other hobbies besides gaming do you have?

Recently I couldn’t get myself up to do other things then Netflixing on the couch or playing Games, only during Dojo Time since I dislike to play online with random people with the little time I got left after work. I used to do a lot of Wood working, like building Arcade Sticks in the past. I think I will do that again at some point.

What do you expect from the event?

Fun, Entertainment, intense Matches and some exciting Finals in the Tournaments.
I hope we get to see some Grudge Matches or Team Tournaments. They always hype the crowd.

What other events have you visited? What was the best event?

This year has really been something. Organizing monthly Events in our Location “Insert Game” going to FFM Rumble, participating at DG Play, Nexgam Play and Dokomi. Having Fight Club and Gamescom ahread in August. It was a nice experience to travel around and getting in touch with people that are not in the Fighting Game Community and explain Fighting Games to them.
I hope I can participate or organize more Tournaments this year at conventions. All those Events help grow the fighting game community and attract new people to it. Also, being together with many FGC people I know for years now always feels like a big Party or Family reunion, but with people you actually like ^^. I’m really looking forward for the next Event to come. See you soon!

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