Introducing: Mik

Today’s ‘Introducing’ features german player Mik

Hi Mik! Please, tell us your first name, age, home country and things people should know about you.

My name is Rene, I’m 31, born and raised in germany. Since starting out with SF4 back in 2009 I’ve transitioned to mainly play titles made by Arc System Works, mainly Blazblue and Guilty Gear these days. But I also love to play nearly every fighting game which is being released. Currently Tekken 7 for example!

What’s your Nickname and how did you come up with it?

It’s Mik and it’s the short version of Mikros. That one was a madeup nickname for my Wizard in Dark Age of Camelot, a really old MMORPG.

What team are you playing for (if any)? Tell us a little about it.

I don’t have a team, ignore my made-up team in registration.

Which game(s) do you play? What do you like most about yourfavorite game? Any other games besides Fighting Games?

My favorite games are probably BBCF and Xrd Rev2 right now. But I enjoy BBCF a lot more than Rev2 atm. My main reason for this is probably my character. I’m playing Nine and I’ve been waiting to play her for 4? 5? years since she was first shown in storymode. It finally happened and she’s also really fun to play! She has a system similar to Invoker in Dota2. Which leads up to another reason why I enjoy BB.
It’s accumulation of different systems spread out over different characters.  At this point the game has 35 characters and everybody is different. it can take a while to get accustomed with every characters bullshit, but once you’re past the bullshit boundary it’s a really fun and neutral heavy game. Rev2 is ASW main title in the west right now, it’s great to see that a lot of players are trying to pickup and stick with the game! Their current approach with the game seems to work out just fine in west. For me it’s the opposite, but I still try to support and keep playing the game, even If I don’t enjoy it as much anymore.

In case of non related FGs, I still like to play single player games. I’m an avid fan of the Kiseki/Trails JRPG series, hence my made up team name.

What other hobbies besides gaming do you have?

Cycling & reading books, time is a limited resource with work and playing FGs.

What do you expect from the event?

I’ve been to Fight Club last year and it was a really great experience, nice location and viewing experience. That’s why I was happy to see BBCF and GGRev2 in the lineup again.

I hope the german anime community will show up with good numbers and make this an enjoyable experience for all of them!

What other events have you visited? What was the best event?

I’ve been to a lot of events in the last years, picking a single best event isn’t possible for me. So I’d rather list three in no order:

  • FFM Rumble 8, the one we had FAB over.
  • Revolution 2015 in London, really great Anime centered tournamnent.
  • Bavaria Burst 2017, the first german anime major.

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