Introducing: IG|entnervt

Hi entnervt! Please, tell us your first name, age, home country and things people should know about you.

My name’s Jonny, I’m too f***ing old and german. Putting my temper aside, I am easygoing.

What’s your Nickname and how did you come up with it?

Totally p***ed while trying to set up my first PSN account, I typed “entnervt” (german for being unnerved) as nickname. This was then accepted (after countless declined nicknames) and I used it, thinking about it as a joke. But somehow it remained being my nickname.

What team are you playing for (if any)? Tell us a little about it.

No team bub, I’m walking this way alone. As an organizer of the tournaments aside of SFV, I’m glad I got support from Kingcar from the InsertGame Dojo NRW this year. Technically speaking, I’m in the team Orga with him ^^. dash and padau already have enough stress with SFV.  But seriously, I would say I’m with the InsertGame Dojo.

Which game(s) do you play? What do you like most about your favorite game? Any other games besides Fighting Games?

Currently I only play GGXrdR (2) a little more seriously. If I had more time, I would very much like to learn KOFXIV. In general, I like fighting games with fast and varied movement. But, ironically, if I could wish for a new fighting game, it would be a new Samurai Shodown. Less hectic, more footsies and the classic style reinterpreted with modern technology – that would be it.

What other hobbies besides gaming do you have?

BWE, gym, reading, movies, anime, far too many interests but way too little time.

What do you expect from the event?

An event with lots of entertainment and excitement as well as the potential to become an integral part of our community. dash and padau are experienced organizers, the Fight Club is back since last year. Perhaps August will be the hottest month for the german fgc every year.

What other events have you visited? What was the best event?

Sadly, I could not participate in any other event this year. But I definitely love the NRW ranking battles in Solingen, Germany. Last year I was at the DG Spring / Winter Clash, FFM Rumble, HessenCrash in May and, of course, the Fight Club. Every event has its own style and “flavor”, there’s no “best event” for me. But the Fight Club was really nice last year, especially since it was an event this big after a long break for dash and padau. I’m excited about this year’s Fight Club.

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