Oct 03

Fight Club NRW #7 – Results & Gallery

Gallery: https://gosuland.org/gallery/#62

Street Fighter V

Placement Player Character Region
1 Ryan Hart Ken UK/DE
2 Semy28 Ryu DE
3 MBR Necalli NL
4 Demulant Ken, Ryu DE
5 fhAssa Bison DE
5 Zeroq Nash DE
7 Linkzero Ryu DE
7 Darkaine Vega DE

Guilty Gear Xrd – REVELATOR –

Plaecement Player Character Region
1 KenDeep Kum Haehyun DE – Hessen
2 Mik Ramlethal Valentine DE – Pfalz
3 AtTheGates Chipp DE – Hessen
4 Mefistopheles Bedman DE – NRW
5 Jonas Venom DE – NRW
5 DarkRtBOne Leo DE – NRW
7 Thomson Johnny DE – NRW
7 Entnervt Sol Badguy DE – NRW


Killer Instinct

Placment Player Character Region
1 TDB | Goldbaum Thunder DE
2 TNC[NET] Spinal DE
3 RNDMP Rome Mira DE

Aug 05

Street Fighter V – 2on2 Team Battle

The long awaited SFV Team Battle tournament signup is online!

To sign up for the Street Fighter V Team Battle, register and join this toornament.

You’ll also be able to sign up for the tournament inside the venue on saturday if there are still spots left!

Fee: 5€ per player (to be paid at the venue)

Pot Split: 50/30/20

Tournament Format: Double Elimination

Aug 05

FAQ / Things you should know

Hey everyone,

not a lot of news in the last few days, we’re hard at work to present you guys with a perfect tournament in two weeks so please bear with us! There’ll be some awesome stuff going on for sure! 🙂

Since we got a few questions about the event and venue, here’s a quick FAQ list on the most important things:

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks! Please make sure to use the trashbins inside the venue! 😉

Will you sell food and drinks at the venue?

Yes. We’ll make sure to keep you hydrated and we’ll do everything we can to assure you won’t starve to death! For all you Pizza lovers out there, there will be a collective order at the best Pizza place in town, Piccola L’Originale! You can find the menu here to pick your favourites in advance! 😉

Where else can we get something to eat?

Close to the venue you’ll find a few smaller restaurants and a pizza place. A Burger Bar as well as McDonalds are in ~5 mins driving distance or 15 mins if you want to take a walk. There you will also find a large supermarket. There is also a (very) small supermarket and a bakery right next to the venue.

Can we stay inside the venue for the night ?

No. Unfortunately the venue closes somewhere around midnight. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and airbnbs to chose from in cologne!

May 28

Fightclub NRW is back!

Long time no see, everyone!

After a long break, we’ve decided to once again run a Fightclub Tournament in Cologne this year!

With Killer Instinct, Guilty Gear and of course Street Fighter V in the lineup, we hope to bring you a high quality event in August. Gamescom is right around the corner after the event so combine your trip to our event with a visit to Gamescom afterwards!

We’ll keep you updated with news about side events, sponsors and other cool stuff that will happen during the event!

May 24

FFM Rumble Early Bird Offer!

World Warriors, listen up!

This weekend is FFM Rumble weekend in Frankfurt! If you register now, you will pay a reduced venue fee of 10€ compared to 15€ afterwards!

Hurry up, this is a limited offer that will end when FFM Rumble is over!